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As I stated in my last post, I attended The Whiteboard Sessions this thursday. I had discovered this conference several months ago and brought it up at an elders meeting, hoping that many of them would want to attend. Alas, it was just myself and Rusty (our “teaching” elder, a.k.a. “the pastor”). So much for leadership development.

A couple days prior to the event he asked a young man in our congregation if he would like to go. At the last minute he decided he did, even though he wanted to be back in time for his sister’s performance at the highschool that same night. Long story short, we left early and missed the last two speakers, Perry Noble (who pastors a church in a rural county not unlike our own), and Ed Stetzer (a church planter and missionary sort). I can’t say that I was happy about that.

What I did hear at the conference was great. I didn’t care for all the speakers, but I did particularly enjoy Darrin Patrick from Acts 29. I didn’t anticipate his topic, personal idolatry, but it was a message that I needed to hear.

Mark Dever I thought was pretty good. He was giving away three small books to everyone in attendance. I’ve already read one of them and will post a review shortly.

Overall, I learned some things, some from the speakers, some from the experience, about church leadership.

I’ll admit to being a little disheartened concerning the leadership in my own church. I’m convicted though that I haven’t prayed as I should that God would intervene and grow our elders. I’ve been striving in my own strength trying to herd them in the direction I think they should be moving.

Resolved: To spend time every morning in prayer for the elders and deacons in our church, that the Lord would work in their lives to either grow them and create a strong desire to serve in their office, or remove them from the office and raise someone else up.