general_indexThis year I decided to read through the Bible using Robert Murray M‘Cheyne’s Bible Reading Calendar. As an added twist, I’m doing my reading from the ESVSB and reading all the notes, book introductions, etc. I’m reading through the articles and extra features located in the back of the SB on Sunday afternoons.

As I’m using this magnificent tool for my reading and my studying, I’ve come to the conclusion that one thing is sorely missing from the study Bible, a General Index.

When I was younger, my first study Bible was a Dickson New Analytical Study Bible in KJV. This was a long time ago, and that Bible is pretty worn out. One nice feature of that SB, aside form the Bible Dictionary it included, was the General Index. While the scholarship, layout, etc. are much superior in the ESVSB, it lacks a General Index.

The General Index is much like a concordance, only instead of listing verses containing the word you’ve looked up, it contains page numbers of articles, introductions, significant notes, maps, dictionary entries, etc. This would be a fabulous addition to the ESVSB. There are many great features included in the ESVSB, but no central hub to connect them all. I would love to be able to look up the word ‘Temple’ in a GI and have a list of page numbers for diagrams, significant notes, theological articles, etc. that have to do with the Temple.

The listings could be coded in some way so you would know what the page number was, I for Book Introduction, A for Article, N for Note, D for Diagram, M for Map, etc.

The image I’ve included in this post is a picture of the General Index in my DNASB, turned to the entry for Temple.

This is a feature I would sure like to have access to. Of course, that would mean I’d have to buy another copy!