I’ve just started two new series at church.

This series is an Old Testament Survey. On Wednesday evenings I’ll be teaching the college and adults mixed class. We’re covering one book of the Old Testament each night. Suggested reading for this series is:

  1. ESV Study Bible
  2. Old Testament Survey, Paul R. House & Eric Mitchell
  3. The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made, Mark Dever

I’m encouraging everyone to read the book we’ll be studying the week before we cover it. Hopefully they are reading Genesis this week!

In this Sunday Morning series I’ll be answering a number of questions about God, the Bible, and living the Christian life. Everyone has questions, so I decided to let the youth ask some of theirs. To begin with I’m asking the questions and asking them to prepare an answer. In a few weeks I’ll start tackling their questions.

We’ve done two of these already. The youth are getting into this and have had lots of notes and good answers for both these questions.