America’s Young Theologian concludes that it is (or at least was on Jan 18-20) “morally superior to be American than Christian.” That conclusion is based on the observation that Americanism brought together disparate wings of the church in a way that Christianity hasn’t to date.

This unity is claimed because Rick Warren and Gene Robinson both prayed at the inaugural events of President Obama. But this conclusion is based on the assumptions that (1) both Warren and Robinson are, in fact, Christians, and (2) that there are no reasons for Christians should separate themselves from one another.

1) Robinson prayed to “the god of our many understandings.” I don’t think that’s the Christian God. The God of the Bible is very exclusive. He is not the God of our many understandings, but only of his own revelation. Anyone who prays to such a man-made god is committing some serious idolatry and very likely is not a Christian. His understanding of God seems to be seriously flawed.

2) Even if Robinson actually does have saving faith in the God of Scripture, he should be disciplined by the Church (I’m using this word in the sense of the body of true believers present in the world today) for living an ungodly and rebellious lifestyle of homosexuality, and should in no way be allowed to represent the Church to the world. The Church should unite around the person and work of Jesus Christ, but Scripture is clear that we are to put out of fellowship those who live such perverse lives without repentance.

Sometimes division is a good thing for the purity of the whole, and the salvation of the few.

No, being an American is in no way superior to being a Christian. Especially not in a moral sense. Not if your standard of right and wrong is based on biblical truth.