Asked to describe what he thinks a “dangerous church” will look like in 2020, Ed Stetzer offered two cautions at the beginning of his list. The second one was that the church should “be more cynical.”

Too many believe the “next big thing” will fix the church. Instead, we need to be more cynical.

The church will not solve all its problems by emerging, having 5 purposes, moving into a house, or announcing itself missional. And, we tend to just be too ready to believe these things contain all the answers.

I agree. We don’t need to be looking for the “next big thing” that will fix any perceived problems with the church. We need to be looking to the thing we already have, the Gospel! That is the answer to not only our problems, but the problems of the entire world. Let’s get the Gospel right, then get it front and center in our thinking, our preaching, our teaching, our community, and our lives.