Pastors are human too. Sometimes they are grumpy, and sometimes they are discouraged and need a little pick-me-up.

So when you notice that your pastor seems a little down, what can/should you do to lift his spirits? I’ve got a couple ideas.

1. Pray for him

As a first resort, hit your knees in prayer for the man! He is a prime target of the enemy. If the pastor can be discouraged and brought low in spirits, it can trickle down to the rest of the organization and affect many Christians’ effectiveness for the kingdom. If you notice that your pastor needs some encouragement, ask God to lift his spirit and infuse him with joy for the work of the Gospel. Don’t neglect to prayer for his wife and children as well.

2. Demonstrate his effectiveness

If a pastor is feeling discouraged in his work, one thing that is sure to lift his spirits is to see those he shepherds, applying his teaching. Outside of prayer, the most encouraging thing you can do for your pastor is to pay attention to his ministry, both in and out of the pulpit, and actually apply it to your life. Believe me, he’ll notice. And he’ll be encouraged. If he preaches consistently about a certain subject, it’s probably because he see this as a real need in your congregation. So if you apply his teaching of the Word and let the Gospel change your heart and life in this area that burdens him, he’ll be greatly encouraged as he sees the Spirit causing growth through his faithfulness to minister.

3. Encourage him with words

Let him know you’re lifting him up in prayer. Express verbally that a particular sermon, or example from his life, has impacted your walk with the Lord. It helps if you’ve already demonstrated this! Write him a note (card, letter, or email) of appreciation. Let him know you appreciate his faithfulness and striving for the Kingdom.

If you have any other ways to encourage a discouraged pastor, please share.