I have a question for all you church planters out there?

Give me your top book recommendation for someone moving toward church planting.

Here’s the deal. I have a clear call from God to plant a church. I am confident of this call. It has been confirmed to me multiple times over by several means. However, I don’t yet have clarity concerning the location or the timing. I have some inclination of both, but no certainty at this point.

My wife and I are currently in a season of prayer, asking for clarity of call in these two regards. While this is our primary focus right now, we still have lots of other questions rattling around inside our heads.

How do put together your core group?

What’s the best way to but the budget together?

Should I be working a job for the first year or two of the plant? How long?

And many others…

So what book would you recommend to someone in my place?