I'll Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse - Michael FranzeseWhatever kind of business or organization you’re running, former Mob Boss, Michael Franzese, has a few tips for you. Based on lessons he learned as a high income earner for the Mob who has now gone strait, Franzese compares and contrasts the philosophies of Machiavelli and Solomon, applying his own experiences to the world of business and organization management.

From Sit Downs to being a Stand Up Guy, Franzese lays the foundation for success. Wondering how a former Mob Boss defines success? Read chapter 11.

Having run my own business for 10 years now, I could definitely resonate with much of the advice Franzese shares. I also wish someone would have given me this book 10 years ago! I wish I had known then how to conduct a Sit Down. I think that’s the best piece of advice in the book.

I also think much of what he shares could/should be applied by leaders in the local church. Learning the art of successful Sit Downs and how to listen, would vastly improve most church’s leadership. I know it has changed the way I’ll conduct myself as a church officer.

If you are in leadership at any organization, read this book. You won’t regret it.